Camilla is one of the organisers of a really interesting initiative to produce work for exhibition in the gallery: she explains as follows:-

“Last year a few guild members collaborated with the monthly gallery poetry group – the artists responded to poems written by both the poetry group and classic poems, including Wordsworth. In two cases, the poets responded with prose/poetry to the artwork produced, and this visual and written communication started to grow, as in a back and forth visual and written liaison. This being called ekphrasis or an ekphrastic response. It was suggested this year, there could be either the same approach, or a different one, that of poets produce artwork, and artists produce poetry. Or keep to the above approach. Or suggest something alternative to this.

So this is a call out to guild artists who are interested to produce artwork. It was suggested that the artists and poets meet at a weekend, on a given day agreed by all. As the exhibition is to be in March, there leaves very little time, as the gallery will need to know numbers of artwork and size etc. in good time. Probably around early February, but maybe later. Timing will be confirmed of this very soon.

So, please contact me – Camilla – as I am collaborating with John (who runs the poetry group) with this and with the gallery staff. My email address is”