Dear SAG member,
Greetings to you all in another month of lockdown. I suspect, despite the
slight easing of restrictions from this week, most of you are still housebound.

Hopefully by now you’ve got involved in some creative activity. The
increased number of people taking part arts and craft during this time is a
fantastic symbol of hope. Whether it’s putting your recycling to creative use,
expressing an idea in paint or using your artistic time for quiet, self-reflection –
more and more of us are seeing the mental and physical benefits of art. This
month, we’ve pulled together some more activities to get involved in.

Our weekly Zoom life drawing class is proving a great hit with members. If you
haven’t tried it yet, we definitely recommend you give it a go. We’ve picked
out some fantastic video tutorials and documentaries for you to take a look
at. Don’t forget, the Macclesfield Open is still open for entries (if you’re
quick). All the information on these, and more, is in our Art Opportunities
section from page 2.

We’ve also some artwork from new and longstanding members to share with
you in our Member News section from page 5. Please don’t forget, if you
have any artwork, art-related news or achievements that you would like to
submit for our July newsletter, email the details to
And last (but not least), we still don’t have any updates regarding when our
weekly sessions at Stockport Art Gallery might restart. Hopefully it won’t be
too far away and as soon as we have some news, we’ll let you know.

Until next month…enjoy your art.

Peter Davis
SAG Communications Manager & Archivist

Art Opportunities


SAG Zoom life drawing classes every Monday
Our Zoom life drawing sessions (every Monday 6.30-8.30pm) are becoming
more and more popular and proving to be a great way to do some life
drawing whilst we’re unable to hold them at the gallery. These sessions are
exclusive to SAG members, so we hope you can join.

If you would like to register for next week’s session, please email asap to register your place.

Each 2-hour session costs £5 and needs be paid for in advance the week
before either via BACS to Stockport Art Guild, sort code 83-04-25, a/c
19328892 or via PayPal to

Once you’ve registered and paid, Marissa will email you a link to join to the

In this month’s Member News section, we’ve created a gallery of some of the
fantastic work some of our members have produced at these sessions so far.

Royal Academy of Arts – David Hockney’s ‘Exhibition on Screen’:

If you haven’t watched it already, this documentary is a must see. Originally
released in cinemas, this ‘Exhibition on Screen’ film takes us back to two of
Hockney’s landmark exhibitions at the Royal Academy. They revisit 2012’s ‘A
Bigger Picture’ and ‘82 Portraits and One Still-Life’ from 2016.

Watch it here:

The Arts Society discuss J.M.W. Turner

The Arts Society have produced a really fascinating 30 minute lecture
featuring art historian Nicola Moorby. In it, she talks about J.M.W. Turner
being the first British artist to appear on a banknote. She examines the
background to the new £20 note and delves into how the Bank of
England’s design represents the various aspects of Turner’s life, work and
legacy. Give it a watch, we promise it is half an hour well spent!

Watch it here:

Alex Tzavaras on “How to Paint Edges”

If you haven’t come across Alex’s YouTube channel, called ‘Simplify’, it’s
worth a look. He has lots of painting demonstrations that you can watch for
free. In this one that we’ve picked out for you, he explains some of the basic
principles when it comes to painting edges.



Drawsh is another online art resource with lots of free content – from tutorials on drawing anatomy to understanding complex planes. It’s well worth an
explore and a bookmark.

George Bridgman’s “Constructive Anatomy” – FREE ebook

This classic anatomical reference guide has been used by artists since the
1920s. It’s full of detailed sketches depicting bone and muscle structure, as
well as human features. Well worth the free download.
Download it from here:

Macclesfield Open Online Art Exhibition 2020

The Macclesfield Open is still accepting entries for their online art exhibition
which is going to run from 12th June – 16th August 2020. It’s free to enter
(donations welcomed to East Cheshire Hospice) and all artwork submitted
will be included. The deadline is Friday 5th June 2020.
More info can be found here:

Three Counties Open Online Art Exhibition 2020

If you’re an artist who lives in Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire you might
be interested in also entering the ‘Three Counties Open Art exhibition 2020’.
It’s free to enter and there are several prizes up for grabs.
Submissions for inclusion in the show will take place online between 6th – 27th
June. The selected work will then be showcased in the online exhibition from
the end of July through August 2020.
More info can be found here:

SAG Zoom life drawing classes

Here is a selection of work from members who have joined our Zoom life
drawing sessions so far. I am sure you agree there has been some fantastic
work produced so far – congratulations to you all!
visit: email: 7
If you haven’t tried one of our Zoom life drawing sessions yet, we can’t
recommend them highly enough. To register for next week’s one, please
email Then you just need to pay £5 in
advance either via BACS to Stockport Art Guild, sort code 83-04-25, a/c
19328892 or via PayPal to

Ken Anderson

Here is some art that Ken has recently created (see below). The one metre
high sculpture is entitled ‘Stack’ and made from slate is inspired by a coastal
stack he experienced in Orkney a few years ago. The abstract painting has
been produced using water mixable oils and is called ‘The Kitchen’.
Thanks for sharing that work with us Ken. If any other members have any
artwork that you’re working on at the moment, please email a photo to for inclusion in our July newsletter.

Ken Anderson

Portraits for NHS Heroes

#portraitsfornhsheroes is an Instagram-based project where artists offer to
paint a free portrait of an NHS Keyworker as a thank you for all the work
they’re doing during this pandemic. It’s been a huge hit with artists and NHS
workers alike, with over a thousand portraits painted so far – including some
by the following Stockport Art Guild members:

Peter Davis

Peter has painted Steph, a newly qualified nurse who works in a Covid19 ward at St. James’s University Hospital in Leeds. She’s working extremely
long hours and her daily reality on the frontline is really tough, but apparently,
she’s getting on with it and coping amazingly.

Peter Davis

Margaret Lloyd

Margaret has painted two NHS keyworkers. Floss (pictured left) is an ITU
registrar in Surrey. She has 4 small boys who she is also tutoring during
visit: email: 9
lockdown! A lady with boundless energy. In the portrait, Floss is wearing her
favourite rabbit print dress. The other painting is of Bev (pictured right). She is
from the Midlands and has been working as a nurse for over 27 years. She
works with frail and elderly patients.

Margaret Lloyd

New Members

We would officially like to welcome three new members who have joined the
Guild recently – thank you for coming on board and we hope to see you at
some of our sessions at Stockport Art Gallery when they start up again. Here’s
a glimpse at some of their work:

Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor went to Manchester High School of Art many years ago, before
becoming a screen printer and a mountain rescue search dog handler. Paul
is now retired and begun drawing again:

Gee Macrory

Gee Macrory has also recently retired and is getting back into art. She is a
very keen photographer and has also always enjoyed life drawing and
producing quick sketches of people and places. Gee is now keen to develop
working in colour:

Gee Macrory

Clare Gallaway

Clare Gallaway has enjoyed sketching and painting since childhood. She
loves the immediacy of sketching with pen & ink and watercolour – favourite
themes are buildings, street and landscape scenes…and even moving traffic!
Clare drew this and presented it to the Town Hall, where it now hangs:

Clare Gallaway

Show us your art

Don’t forget, if you have any artwork that you’re working on at the moment
that you would like to submit for our July newsletter, please email all the
details to