Dear SAG member,

It’s hard to believe that we are 6 weeks into lockdown. We hope you and
your families are all safe and well and that you have been able to make
some art during this period.

Our BIG news this month is that we have a weekly ‘online’ life drawing class
(exclusive to SAG members) starting on Monday 11th May – all the info is in
our Art Opportunities section on page 2.

Thank you to everyone who has us sent links to useful art resources. We’ve
picked out some book recommendations and video tutorials for you to get
stuck into – find out more in our Art Opportunities section.

Lots of you have been emailing us images of the amazing artwork that you
have created so far during self-isolation. Please keep emailing these to us –
we love seeing them. Take a look at some of this work in our Member News
section from page 6.

Don’t forget, if you have any artwork, art-related news, tips or achievements
that you would like to submit for our June newsletter, please email all the
details to Many thanks in advance!

Sadly, we don’t have any updates yet regarding when our weekly sessions at
Stockport Art Gallery might restart, but as soon as new guidelines about social
distancing and group events are announced by the government and
Stockport Council, we’ll let you know more.

In the meantime, keep safe and enjoy making art.

Peter Davis
SAG Communications Manager & Archivist

SAG ‘online’ life drawing classes start Monday 11th May

One of our regular life models, Marissa, is going to start posing for us in a
weekly online life drawing session using Zoom. These are going to be from
6.30pm to 8.30pm every Monday from 11th May. The first session will have 3

If you’re interested in joining, email to
register your place. Each session will cost £5 per person and should be paid
for in advance to Stockport Art Guild via BACS Sortcode 83-04-25, a/c
19328892 or via PayPal to

Once you have registered and paid, Marissa (the ‘host’) will email you a link
inviting you join to the session. The link also allows you to download Zoom if
you haven’t got it on your computer or tablet already – it’s all easy to do.

These sessions are exclusive to SAG members, so we hope you can join. It’s
going to be a great opportunity, not only to do some life drawing during
the lockdown, but also for some of our members to get together, albeit virtually.

Free Modern Art eBooks

The Guggenheim Museum in New York has just released over two hundred Modern Art Books that you can access for Free. Not only can you read them online, but you can download them in PDF or ePub formats. Picasso, Bacon, Rothko and even the craftsmen of ancient Peru are all in there!

Find out more at:

Free eBook: Show Your Art – How to Build an Art Career Without a Gallery

This interesting book explores some non-traditional approaches to sell your art without a gallery. It looks at practical steps on how to write about your art to increase your visibility, drive your own sales and ways to use your online channels to reach new audiences as a self-representing artist. And the great thing is, if you’ve got a Kindle, this book is currently free on Amazon!

Find out more at:

Free eBook: Ernest Norling’s “Perspective Made Easy”

This technical art book explains the basics (and not-so-basics) of perspective drawing and includes suggestions on how to make your drawings a lot simpler. It also has some exercises to help you apply what you’ve just learned.

Download it at:

Video tutorial: Alain Picard: Painting a Lemon in Pastel

Alain Picard is a master pastel painter who regularly shares painting demonstrations on YouTube. This video shows how to paint something as simple as a lemon (which, apparently, isn’t so simple after all). He teaches you about form and colour, under-paintings, and modeling.

Watch it at: ure=emb_logo

Video tutorials: plein air painting with James Gurney

The American artist James Gurney has a popular blog and YouTube channel. He creates a lot of content about plein air painting but also breaks down classical art techniques and provides numerous painting tips:

Watch his YouTube here: Read his blog here:

Video tutorial: Colin Davidson on skin tones

Colin Davidson, if you’re not a fan already, is a contemporary artist who lives and works near Belfast. He is widely regarded as one of the finest portrait painters of our age. In this 8-minute-long video, he explains, brilliantly, “How to mix flesh tones”. It’s available to watch on Instagram TV and Facebook, so take your pick:

Watch on Instagram:

Watch on Facebook: mo

Video tutorials: Francesca Currie’s “how to” guides



Francesca Currie RBSA is a full-time portrait artist based in Cheltenham. She studied at the London Atelier of Representational Art and regularly hosts Portrait Painting Workshops in her studio in Cheltenham. For lockdown, she has produced some free videos, including “how to draw a hand” and “how to draw a face”:

Watch them at:

And finally, here is a wonderful selection of what our members have been creating during self-isolation. It’s fantastic to see your diversity from drawing and painting to mixed media artwork and sculpture – abstract, figurative and landscape. Thanks again for sharing your art, you are ALL truly inspiring!

If you have some artwork that you’re working on at the moment that you would like to submit for our June newsletter, please email all the details to

Pauline Hammonds



First up is Pauline Hammond’s piece called ‘Element’. She started it at the beginning of lockdown and has taken objects that were broken, thrown out in the rubbish, discarded and deemed to have lost their “fit for purpose” mandate – turning them from “Ashes to Beauty”. The finished artwork is 90cms square.

Angela Herd Hall

Angela’s self-isolation paintings are alla prima in oil. She used cuttings from the newspaper as source material and adds: “I did not set out to link my work to the effects of Covid19 on the day-to-day activities of people, but it just seems to have turned out that way.”

Aggie Matyjaszek

Aggie is currently doing ‘The Isolation Art Challenge’ organised by It has a list of themes for each day. Aggie says “I believe drawing every day is a great artistic exercise but also its easily excused like everything else in our life. This is why I was determined to try. I have chosen simple materials: Faber-Castell XS Ink Pen and smooth white paper notebook.”

Karen Wise

Karen’s latest painting is called ‘Gardeners in Paradise ‘. She says “the inspiration for it came from a recent holiday in Barbados, before the shutdown, I was lucky. The gardeners where we were staying at the Coral reef worked so well together and in such harmony with nature. The beauty all around me was irresistible, I grabbed my sketchbook and managed to capture them in pencil. Once home using the sketch to bounce off, I recreated them in colour.”

Stephen Johnson

During lockdown, Stephen has been getting inspiration from one of his favourite artists Edward Seago. He explains: “I’ve been copying some of Seago’s famous paintings of Norfolk and exploring the different colour palettes he used: Yellow Ochre, Chrome Yellow, Ultramarine, Blue Black or Indigo, Viridian, Indian Red, Vermillion, Alizarin Crimson, Titanium White. Here is Stephen’s incredible copy of Seago’s ‘High Mill Farm, Norfolk’. Size 92x62cm.

Peter Davis

Peter has completed two portraits over the past few weeks. One painting is of his wife Natalie and the other is a portrait commission of a lady called Louise. Both are acrylic on board, 14” x 10”.

Ken Anderson

Ken has managed to find the time to paint a small watercolour; make a small bird sculpture from Yew & Lilac; and write a poem (see below) as a housewarming gift for his daughter’s birthday.

To LittleCott’s Door

A short walk in any direction,

In our minds only,

Through this awful detention,

Hills swathed in sunlight

Smoothed by the Shadows of

Clouds passing over,

Guided by breezes,

Flowing down over Kinder

To Sett Valley below full of Rivers and Streams

To the place you call home  To Little Cott’s door.