Project Description

Carole Dronsfield’s art career began in 1972 when she started engraving glass. She became a craft member of the Guild of Glass engravers in 1975 and then, in 1980 she founded the Peaks and Plains Branch and was Chairman of that group from 1980 until 2000. From 1979 until 1998 she gave illustrated talks and demonstrations to various art groups and taught glass engraving at the Manchester College of Adult Education and at the Heaton Moor Campus of Stockport College. In 1987 she became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Her fascination with glass and the playful way that light and shade brings drawings to life made engraving a journey of wonder. She delved into the discipline of cutting and stained glass, enjoying working with colour and solder, just before leaving the country to begin the ‘New Zealand Adventure’.
Carole’s creative work changed course when bouts of visual migraine made working on glass impossible and she ventured into the completely new and exciting world of colour. She chose pastel work because she loved the intensity of colour and the joy of gently merging colours together, working in a freer, larger and altogether more relaxing medium. She feels that pastels help her to explore features of wood, rock and landscape, to capture the beauty of those aspects of the natural world.

1988-2000 she engraved 11 memorial windows in the Synagogue at Delamere Forest School.
Commissions completed in various collections in Britain, USA and Europe.
Exhibited on several occasions at the Portico Library Gallery, Manchester.
NSEAD Members’ Exhibition. On committee as NW representative for the National Society for Education in Art and Design.
Blue Coat Chambers, Liverpool.
The Gallery / Leys School / Cambridge.
The Cambrian Gallery, Conwy.
2001 ‘Cutting Edge’ Exhibition, Buxton Art Gallery and Museum.
2003 Guild of Glass Engravers Exhibition, the Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle.
Exhibitor for ‘White Pages’ (mixed media design) Auckland, New Zealand.
2010 The New Zealand Exhibition at the Buxton Art Gallery and Museum.
Stockport Art Guild Exhibitions.