Project Description

My name is Joan Bradley and I hope you will enjoy looking at my paintings. I work in all sorts of media including watercolour, oils, acrylics and mixed-media and I suppose I love pen, ink and watercolour when working outside directly in front of the subject and tend to work in mixed-media, oils and acrylic in the studio.

I would say that I paint what I see, and if the subject I am painting is a jumbled mess then that is what I paint. I don’t mind people looking over my shoulder, in fact I welcome it, and am willing to talk about my work with anyone who will listen. I suppose this comes from teaching and demonstrating which I have done for the last 20 years.

I prefer to paint in colour rather than tone so, when painting in watercolour, will use my primary colour to create clean mixes on the paper rather than mixing on the pallete. When I draw I prefer to use a pen rather than a pencil and will use a continuous line linking each aspect of the subject together in the contour drawing technique as I feel that a drawing should appear to grow naturally and not be laboured by rubbing out. If I draw a wrong mark I just ignore it and draw another until I find the right mark. That way the viewer will have a glimpse into how I am interpreting the subject. I believe that a drawing should show the way the artist has studied the subject and if it resembles a war zone, so much the better.