Project Description

Ron Coleman

I paint mainly in acrylic & oils. I enjoy colour and texture and am always seeking to create work that appears loose and spontaneous. I try to steer away from realism, and with my abstract work take an ‘alla prima’ approach’, where the painting is generally completed in one or two sessions.

Portraiture, in oils, can by contrast take much longer with repeated visits, but I still aim for a ‘painterly’ result, avoiding any desire to move towards a photo-realist approach.

Many artists and movements have influenced my work, ranging from the St. Ives abstract artists to the Scottish Colourists, and I take inspiration from the American expressionists as well as many contemporary British artists.

My recent work includes my love of abstract painting.  I often combine abstract with a floral approach, that I find is more acceptable to the viewer than pure abstraction. I also like the demands of figurative work and am using oils, rather than acrylics,  in my portraiture and life paintings.