Portrait Fundamentals – New Year/Winter 2020


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This series of workshops with Christopher Clements will deal with three fundamental areas of portraiture: face, hair and composition.

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This series of workshops with Christopher Clements will continue on from the Autumn 2019 workshops. You’ll look at portrait drawing in a little more detail focussing on the features of the face, hair and the composition of your work.

In the January workshop you’ll concentrate on the features of the face. To look natural, the features need to sit properly within the larger structure of the head. Each has its own unique structure and by finding the key points and by breaking them down into their basic forms you can quickly draw them accurately. This will help you see what different people have in common and how to find the traits which make us all different – an essential element of portraiture.

The February workshop will focus on rendering hair. This is an area which can make or break a portrait so it’s important to understand how to get it right. You’ll look at ways to simplify hair and to suggest detail without over describing it. There is lots of creative potential when drawing hair and by understanding some basic principles you can get really creative and give your work extra life and dynamism.

The March workshop will focus on composition, this is an extremely important aspect of any drawing or painting but is often overlooked. You’ll look at ways to create harmony and balance as well as the general mood you want to convey. A good composition makes as much difference as careful rendering of line and form and with a little consideration of design you can make your work far more engaging.

Equipment List:

All the workshops work with either drawing materials or paint, whichever suits you best.

Drawing Board, Paper, Eraser, Pencils of your choice

Painting Equipment List:

Titanium White, Ivory Black, Burnt Umber, Bristle Brushes, Canvas or Canvas Paper, Linseed oil, Turps, Palette, Palette Knife, Medium Cup

Christopher Clements

Christopher Clements a professional painter based in Manchester, splitting his time between his own work and commissions. He is also the artistic director and tutor at Northern Realist Drawing and Painting as well as a drawing lecturer at the University of Salford. He studied Fine art in Manchester followed by classical drawing and painting in Florence. He has exhibited widely including with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Pastel Society and Royal Birmingham Society of artists.

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Monday 6th January, Monday 3rd February, Monday 2nd March, All Sessions