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Olga Lomax is a British fine contemporary artist. She works in several genres from traditional to contemporary modern art. She likes to convey emotions and mood through her art. She attempts to connect the surroundings and internal reflection of emotions through visualization.

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Olga built up the commission side of her work by painting landscapes, cityscapes, portraits and still life, exhibiting them at various venues. These were produced using a variety of media. Olga is currently holding art workshops, which provides several opportunities for people in their local community.

She said: “Graphics and colour give a person a huge resonance of emotion and creating their own picture, the artist goes through the living stages of these emotions by reflecting the topic they draw”.

Seascape is a favourite theme for many people. Join the Master Class, and together with Olga, you will get an extraordinary experience of painting the sea surf.

For this 3-stage workshop to get a new experience and relaxation from your work. Have fun, and enjoy the moment through your Art.


  • Canvas 16” x 20”, or any size.
  • Pallet (approx. A3 size).
  • Pallet Knives (small and large) – essential
  • Cloth (few) – essential
  • Turps/Medium
  • A standard set of oil paints:
    • Titanium White
    • Yellow (A warm and cool. eg Cadmium Yellow and Lemon)
    • Red (Warm and Cool. eg Cadmium Red and Alizarin Crimson)
    • Blue (Ultramarine, Phthalo, Cerulean.)
    • Phthalo Green
    • Burnt Sienna
    • Burnt Umber
    • Ochre yellow
    • Bring as many colours as you like.

Session 2

With the under-painting now dry, we will introduce more colour in the form of glazes. We’ll begin to develop the 3D form and shapes of the seascape by using a variety of tools, like brushes, pallet knives, and your own fingers, to introduce further texture and drama to the piece.

Session 3

We will finally develop the 3D form and shapes of the waves and sky of the seascape. The final stage focuses on refining the tonal values, re-establishing the deepest shadows and increase the intensity of the highlights, whilst also picking out some finer details to complete the piece.

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Monday 1st July, Monday 5th August, Monday 2nd September, All Sessions