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Lindi Kirwin, trading as Lindi - Fine Art; born in 1959 in Bowdon, Cheshire; she was always encouraged by her art teacher at high school (William Ralph Turner 1920 - 2013) to fulfil her destiny to become a professional artist as this was her core strength from a young age.

With over forty years’ experience in art, education and health, Lindi was always running her art career parallel with previous jobs but decided to go full-time many years ago. Primarily self-taught, Lindi describes herself as a multi-disciplinary artist using vibrant colours and textures in her paintings as well as producing unique hand-painted mirrors and a love of drawing.

Much of Lindi’s work is based on nature, however, she is diverse regarding subject matter as her eclectic-skilled work is sought by the Private, Commercial and the Public sectors; having gained multi awards; Lindi has sold and worked closely with eminent clients and is widely published.

Some designs are on merchandise, ie: velvet cushions, upholstery, indoor/outdoor garden furniture; while also offering Fine Art prints of her work. Not all is on her website; See her portfolio in her studio.

Studio 27F,

3rd floor,

Vernon Mill,


SK1 2HX.


Mobile: 07890057362 - @lindi.kirwin - lindikirwin

Facebook - @LindiKirwinFineArt - @LindiKirwin

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