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There are many excellent benefits to being a member of the Stockport Art Guild – not least of which is that you will have regular opportunities to share your passion for art with other, like-minded people.

You’ll be glad to know that we are a warm, convivial bunch, so whether you’re a novice or a more accomplished artist you’ll be made to feel most welcome at any of our portrait and life drawing sessions, and, of course, the workshops that we hold throughout the year.

As well as being eligible to attend these events, membership also entitles you to submit work for inclusion in our annual art exhibition, with each member having one piece automatically accepted for display.

£30 per year

The joining fee for members is currently £30.00 per year, while junior membership for those under 18 years is free.


Benefits of membership includes;

  • Exhibit your art at the annual Art Guild exhibition

  • A free copy of the Stockport Art Guild newsletter

  • Discounts (Online shop)

  • StockpART Commemorative Book available at a discounted price

  • Still life sessions (Wednesdays)

  • Life drawing sessions (Thursdays)

  • Portraiture sessions (Saturdays)

  • Art history talks

  • Individual members online art gallery (Link)

  • Painting/sketching day trips (Summer time only)

  • Join our WhatsApp groups

If you are interested in joining Stockport Art Guild but would like to come along and see what goes on before committing, then we invite you to join us at one of our sessions. Please visit our Facebook page for information on our upcoming sessions.

If after your visit you would like to become a member, please click on the link below to join.


Note: For under 18's, you can just turn up to the weekly sessions except for the Life drawing session where you need to be at least 18 years old.


If you cannot pay by card online, please send a message using the contact us form or email to arrange an alternative payment.

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