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Session Policy

Stockport Art Guild Art Session Policy

1. Stockport Art Guild (“Guild”) organises art sessions in its local area, including regular portrait sessions and life drawing sessions, and other sessions such as workshops, demonstrations and talks.

2. Guild members can attend Guild sessions, paying the relevant fee as required.

3. For any regular sessions which usually require a fee from attendees, non-members can attend their first session for free, after which the relevant fee will be required for attendance.

4. Sessions will be held at an appropriate local art space or other location. The location will be made known to members and non-members via the Guild’s website and any other appropriate communication channel. Any session updates or changes will be communicated to members and nonmembers promptly.

5. Models for portrait and life drawing sessions will be booked by the Guild council or another authorised Guild member.

6. Sessions other than portrait and life drawing sessions will also be organised by the Guild council or another authorised Guild member.

7. Attendees of life drawing sessions must be at least 18 years old.

8. There will be a record kept of any regular and interested models, if we have their consent for us to do so.

9. If a model does not attend a portrait or life session as expected, or if there has been a failure to book a model for an attended session, an attendee at the session will pose as a replacement clothed model for the other session attendees.


10. If a leading person for a session, such as a workshop, fails to attend as expected, attendees will not be required to pay any fees for that session and will be refunded where necessary.

11. There will be a set fee which will be given to the session models. An attendee who volunteers to pose for the other attendees at a session will not be required to pay their usual attendance fee for that session.

12. In any case, the session fee for attendees will not vary from any relevant advertised fee, for example, on the basis of low attendance or high attendance.

13. Session payment transactions will be carried out via the use of a Guild card reader or other appropriate electronic method where possible. Cash payments will also be accepted where necessary.

14. Fees may also contribute to the payment of rents and any other requirements to fulfil the Guild’s objectives. Excess cash derived from attendee fees will be held securely, responsibly and put back into the Guild’s activities where possible.

15. Sessions will be carried out in accordance with any relevant terms and conditions of a venue or location.

16. Where sessions are covered by a venue’s or location manager’s insurance policy, any incidents during a session may be within scope of the relevant policy.

17. When sessions are in the public domain, attendees must take care to avoid infringing the privacy and freedoms of other people.

18. Attendees should avoid using standard turpentine or any potentially hazardous, harmful or anti-social resources, particularly where there is a nearby general public presence.

19. If turpentine is used or intended to be used by an attendee, the attendee should bring odourless turpentine, provided that it is used responsibly and the relevant venue location is kept clean and undamaged.

20. All session attendees are expected to clean up after themselves and assist with the general cleaning and tidying of any session venue after the session has finished.

21. Sessions will be suspended during the Christmas period and resume at an appropriate date in the new year.

22. Attendee names will be recorded to keep a record of session fee payments. All personal data will be treated in line with our Privacy Policy.

Date: June 2022

Prepared by: Rob McCarten

Date effective from: 01/06/2022

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